afterCLIMB was designed by a climbing doctor from Germany, Dr. Johannes Jacubeit. On a trip to Turkey in 2011 he was inspired by the cool relieving sensation on his fingertips while holding a bottle of cold beer after a hard day of climbing. He used a typical climbing salve to help but really wanted a skin repair aid that allowed him to move on to other activities without greasy fingers.


In combination with a desire for quick usage and the medical knowledge of wound healing, he designed a product that he would use himself regularly. After discussing several options with a pharmacist and thanks to the feedback of numerous climbers, dozens of recipes were explored. afterCLIMB's final vegan recipe is intentionally focused on the most important and essential ingredients.


Due to a strict desire for quality and to ensure high pharmaceutical and medical quality standards, afterCLIMB is produced in Germany. Now, three years after its inspiration afterClIMB is available in Germany and most recently expanding to climbers all over the world.