the Bam! board

We created the ultimate hangboard with adjustable depths and angles - for all abilities.  Whether you're just starting to climb or a seasoned veteran you will be able to find the cusp of what you can hang and then progressively overload your tissues to become stronger. 

This is the only hangboard capable of adjustment to edge and pocket depth (3.0 – 0.5 cm) and board angle 0 – 30 degrees.   

  • adjustable depth continuous between 3.0 - 0.5 cm
    • four, two, and one finger pockets
    • marks every 2 mm of depth change
    • edges/ pockets have comfortable rounded lip
    • pockets include a wide two finger pocket where the longer finger is recessed 
  • adjustable angle creates 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 deg slopers
    • 15 and 20 slopers at initial setting
    • board rotates in 10 deg increments between 0 - 30 deg
    • curved transitions between slopers and a back finger stop keep from nestling or reaching over the top of the board  
  • edges, pockets, and slopers range from relatively easy to impossible to use
  •  dimensions: 2 ft long x 2 deep x 3.5 tall

The board is made from sustainably sourced beech wood with great texture and glued for strength.  Manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

bäm! hangboard

  • The most adjustable hangboard
  • Improve your abilities
  • Reach for the top - bäm!

199,00 €

  • limited number available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1
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