There’s a trade-off with the size of a hangboard: A small size usually means fewer holds and less training variety, while a large size has hold diversity but limits your options of where to hang it. The bäm board solves both problems with a super-small size (at 2’ x 5”, it’s one of the smallest boards available) but a huge range of training options and levels. This is thanks to the variable edge and pocket depth and the customizable angle. Individual holds can be made shallower or deeper by a simple adjustment of some screws on the bottom of the board, while the entire unit has four different angle options, ranging from 0° to 30°. Adjusted with a simple peg on each side, this feature is especially great when it comes to training slopers; with two different sloper holds and four angles, you basically get eight sloper holds. “This hangboard progresses with me; the more I train on it, the harder I can make it,” one tester said of the high level of customization. “Plus, it’s stealthy and inconspicuous in my tiny apartment.” Serious hangboarders also loved the wood material, which made long sessions not only bearable but comfortable: “I can train on this way longer, thus getting way stronger, than plastic training tools.”

"... With the bäm! board, it is possible to progress from relatively large holds right down to impossibly small crimps and from perfectly flat holds through to severely angled slopers, taking in every variation in between along the way...."



EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 416


"... it’s adjustable, minimal and effective ..Instead of the board being static and you being dynamic, moving from hold size to hold size, this board itself is dynamic ... The bottom line: you should try one out!..."

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bäm! hangboard

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